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The Gabriel Method Review - Lose weight and improve your health without dieting

Jon Gabriel changed my life.  This may seem like a bold statement, but there is no doubt in my mind. If it wasn’t for Jon, I wouldn’t be writing this article, or any other article about health. I wouldn’t feel full of energy and vitality every day and feel better, both emotionally and physically than I ever have in my life.

I first came across Jon while watching a documentary called Hungry for Change, which is made by Food Matters TV. Jon is one of a number of health experts who are interviewed in the documentary, but for me he was the one who really stood out, and I immediately bought his book and joined his online community.

Jon’s journey and transformation are truly inspiring. He struggled with his weight for years, trying every new diet as it came out (something I’m sure a lot of us can relate to!) However, with every successful weight loss, followed the rebound period where he gained back more than he had lost.

 I know from experience that this can be the most disheartening part of dieting and is often the reason that people eventually give up.

However, Jon didn’t give up and he started to see real results when he began focusing on what goodness he should ADD to his diet, rather than what he should remove. This shift to focusing on nutrition was the boost his body needed and as he nourished his body, the weight started to fall off.  He lost 220 pounds over the course of 30 months and, importantly, has never gained it back. Jon had finally given his body what it needed, creating a feeling of abundance instead of deprivation.

As soon as I read Jon’s story, I was determined to follow in his footsteps and stop dieting and instead focus on giving my body the nourishment it needs every single day.

Since following Jon’s plan, my attitude towards food has totally transformed.  My focus each day is to incorporate as much vibrant, fresh food into my day as possible, leaving processed food and refined carbs behind. It is amazing how quickly your tastes change, once you have experienced how different a diet of ‘real’ food makes you feel.


After I had experienced the energy a green smoothie for breakfast can give you, there was no chance of me going back to eating supposedly ‘healthy’ flakes for breakfast, where the cardboard box likely contains more nutrition than the cereal itself!

It amazed me the impact that small, positive changes had on my overall well-being and eating patterns.  They day I knew things had changed forever, I was at work, feeling a bit under the weather.  

Usually this would have been an automatic excuse to have a chocolate bar to cheer myself up. Instead, I found myself craving parsley! Parsley was the one herb that I always really disliked, and yet my body obviously knew that its cleansing properties were exactly what I needed!

What advice does Jon Gabriel offer?

The concept behind The Gabriel Method is fairly simple: add nutrition into your diet first, and eventually you will ‘crowd out’ the processed, dead foods from your diet and want to eat only fresh live foods. Jon focuses on adding three main things to you diet: high quality protein, omega 3 fatty acids and live foods.

‘Live’ foods are unprocessed fruits and vegetables, preferably organic or home grown, which are as close to their natural state as possible. They are packed with nutrition and vitality and should be added to every meal.

Omega 3s can be found in oily fish such as wild salmon and sardines, as well as nuts and seeds such as walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

High quality protein means eating sources of protein which are as unprocessed as possible.  If you are a meat eater, this means fish, poultry and grass-fed meat. Where possible food should be organic and free range.

Non -meat sources of protein include eggs (the whole egg, as most of the nutrients  are in the yolk) nuts such as walnuts and brazil nuts, and seeds like pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. You can also increase protein intake by adding organic pea protein powder to food and drinks, but I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t taste great!

Meditation and visualisation

Another aspect of the Gabriel Method which I found unique at the time is Jon’s teaching of meditation and visualisation as a weight loss tool. Jon’s program contains various different guided meditations which are designed to reduce cravings, give you energy, reduce stress etc. I found his evening visualisation extremely useful, and still often use it before sleep. It has definitely helped me have a restful sleep, as well as reducing sugar cravings. This evening visualisation can be downloaded HERE.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, the chemical which gives them their bright orange colour.  Beta Carotene is an antioxidant which converts to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is important for reducing inflammation and enhancing immune function.  

Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin C, which can reduce the length of illness with the common cold. Our Vegan Loaded Sweet Potatoes are a great way to enjoy this nutritious comfort food, with added vitamin C from the kale too.

Green Tea

Both green and black tea are rich in antioxidants which aid your immune system by destroying free radicals. They also contain a polyphenol called cachectin, which has been shown to kill certain viruses. 

Green tea is particularly high in l-theanine which can improve immunity by regulating the secretion of immune cytokines.  Green tea can be enjoyed as a drink and both caffeinated and decaf versions contain the same health benefits.


Almonds are very high in vitamin E which, as well as being great for the skin, is known to support the immune system. A study has also shown that almond skins improve the ability of the white blood cells to detect viruses, meaning almonds could be crucial to immune health.  

Almonds make a great snack either raw, or roasted in the oven with a little sea salt. They also make a great addition to salads for some extra crunch.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C, with one red pepper providing more than 200% of the recommended daily intake, making them a great vegetable in our quest to support the immune system.  

Peppers are also rich in B vitamins, including B6, which supports chemical reactions in the immune system. 

Red, orange and yellow bell peppers tend to have more nutrients, and also taste sweeter than their slightly bitter green counterparts, so are great to enjoy raw as part of a salad, or cooked quickly in the pan, like in these delicious Vegetable Fajitas.


Garlic has long been considered a crucial food in the fight against cold and flu, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.  

The compound which gives garlic its distinctive smell, allicin, is also responsible for boosting the function of white blood cells, resulting in an improved immune system.

Garlic also has antibacterial and antiviral properties that may help fight bacterial and viral infections. 

Garlic is so versatile and adds flavour to virtually any dish.  Aim to eat two to three cloves per day to make the most of its immune boosting properties.


Like all leafy greens, spinach is packed with antioxidants which can help protect against cancer, and heart disease, as well as providing a welcome boost to the immune system.  

Like sweet potatoes, spinach contains beta carotene, as well as other carotenoids such as lutein. Spinach is also a good source of vitamin E, another antioxidant which supports immune health.

Fresh spinach has a mild flavour with no bitterness, and is therefore perfect to include in salads. It is also very easy to hide in sauces, and should easily go undetected by fussy eaters! 


Pomegranates are a delicious addition to your diet and are packed with immune boosting nutrients.  They are high in polyphenols, a group of antioxidants which remove free radicals and reduce inflammation.  

They are also rich in vitamin C which supports cellular function within the immune system.

Pomegranate seeds can be eaten on their own as a snack, or added to salads. Our Superfood Salad combines a number of immune boosting foods, so is a great choice for both your body and your tastebuds!

What are your go-to foods to keep you fighting fit?  Let us know in the comments below!

Billy and Elaine