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Here you will find links to some of the items and resources that we have used in the past ten years to help keep us on track and achieve our health goals.  They also make great gifts to any health oriented family and friends.

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Food Preparation

One of the keys to keeping your healthy eating on track is to make food preparation as easy as possible.  Whether you are prepping the school lunches for the whole week, or making a healthy dinner after work, these items will make life easier and make cooking a joy, not a chore!

Insulated Lunch Box

This insulated lunch box is perfect for keeping your healthy meals hot or cold. Perfect for staying healthy at work!

Smoothie Maker

If you are just starting out on your healthy smoothie journey, this smoothie maker is great value and easy to use, with multiple travel cups.


If you are ready to up your smoothie game, the Nutribullet is extremely powerful and comes with two handy cups for travel.

Soup Maker

Take the hassle out of making soup with this compact soup maker. Simply chop your ingredients, and the soup maker will do the rest!


Make substitute noodles and spaghetti using a spiraliser. A great way to pack more of your five a day into your meals!

Instant Pot

The ultimate kitchen appliance! Pressure cooker, slow cooker plus 5 other functions in one compact machine. Such a time saver!

Fitness Essentials

Help your friends and family keep their fitness goals on track with these fitness gadgets and equipment. 

Fitness Tracker

A great way to increase your daily steps and monitor your physical activity. This one is excellent value and can measure heart rate too.

Yoga Starter Set

Perfect for beginners to yoga or for those now practising yoga at home. This 7-piece kit includes a yoga pad, blocks and strap.

Bluetooth Headphones

Take your music wherever you are working out, with these Bluetooth earphones with ear hook for comfort. With built-in mic for hands free calls.

Sports Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style with this leak-proof, BPA free sports water bottle with insulated sleeve. Comes in a huge variety of colours.

Bluetooth Beanie

Listen to music and keep warm while out running or walking this winter with a Bluetooth beanie hat with rechargeable battery.

Light Therapy Lamp

Keep your mood and energy balanced throughout the winter months with an SAD lamp. Helps to improve sleep and reduce fatigue.


We have read dozens of books on health and wellness over the last few years, but these are our particular favourites; the ones which taught us principles that we still apply every day, and which have made a huge impact on our lives.

The Gabriel Method

The one which started it all! The Gabriel Method turned everything we thought we knew about healthy eating on its head, and helped us to understand how to truly eat and live healthily.

Crazy Sexy Juice

Our green smoothie and juice bible!  Kris transformed her diet after being diagnosed with cancer in 2003. This book contains over 100 fabulous recipes to help you kick-start your juicing journey!

I Quit Sugar

If you are ready to make a big change to your diet, Sarah Wilson’s book is a great place to start. It is an 8-week program to end your addiction with sugar and switch to a real-food diet.

Own the Day, Own your Life

If you are looking to improve more than just your diet, Aubrey’s fabulous book will give you the push you need to make the most of every day and transform every aspect of your life.

Healthy Every Day

A great book from The Medicinal Chef. 80 recipes using whole foods, with nutritional information for each ingredient. A fabulous resource which also makes a great gift.

Glow 15

Based on the concept of intermittent fasting, Glow 15 explains the science behind fasting, and how it helps the body to heal and reduce ageing through a process called autophagy. 

Store Cupboard Essentials

Not every grocery store stocks the kinds of superfoods and nutrient-dense ingredients that you will want to add to your daily routine to give your health a boost.  Having these superfoods in your cupboard will mean you always have them to hand when making healthy snacks and meals. For a thoughtful gift, why not make up a basket of healthy essentials to help them have a healthy start to the new year?

Raw Organic Cacao

Raw cacao (not cocoa powder) is essential for making healthy chocolate treats. It is rich in minerals and full of antioxidants. 


A great way to add a super boost of nutrition to your smoothies and smoothie bowls is with a spoonful of organic supergreen powder.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is essential for any healthy pantry! It is so versatile, this one is organic, extra virgin, certified vegan and cold-pressed.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a great way to add omega 3 to each of your meals. Sprinkle them on any food, sweet or savory, or make delicious chia pudding!

Manuka Honey

Honey is a great substitute for sugar in recipes or to drizzle over salads. This Manuka honey contains no added nasties.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is great for making salad dressing or adding to dishes. Make sure you buy one containing ‘the mother’.


In our fast-paced lives, we could all do with taking some time to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.  These will make great gifts, both to those who are already interested in mindfulness and meditation, and those who would benefit from having the opportunity to reflect and live in the present moment. 

Mindfulness Puzzle Book

Great for those who already love puzzles, this book is designed to help relax and unwind while also giving your brain a workout!

Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Create total peace and calm while you meditate with this total blackout sleep mask with built in sound to stream relaxing music.

Jar of Smiles

Bring a smile to someone’s day, every day with a jar of smiles containing thoughtful, happy and amusing quotes for every day of the month.

Roll-on Aromatherapy

A novel alternative to traditional aromatherapy. Roll on to pressure points to relieve stress and promote the feeling of calm.

Gratitude Journal

Starting a gratitude journal is a great way to improve happiness, mood and self esteem in just a few minutes a day. 

Mindful Coloring

Mindful colouring has become a very popular relaxation activity. This coloring book will allow you to de-stress in a colorful manner!

These are just a few of the health and wellness products we think will help you on your health journey and can make great gifts too. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments below and we will check them out!

Happy shopping!

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