Bananas are one of the worlds most popular fruits.  You don’t need to prepare them, they are handy for breakfast and they can also be used for your lunch or eaten on the go.  

Why not have them as a healthy snack or  prepare a satisfying dessert with banana as the main ingredient?

Being so versatile it’s hard to find a reason not to have these staples in your home pantry.  They also don’t have a season, so there is really no excuse why they cannot be added to your selection of fresh fruit and vegetables each week.  

What are the health benefits of bananas?

Good for eye health – one banana contains up to 33% RDA of Vitamin B6

As we age, our eyes require nutrition to help them stay healthy as their ability to perform starts to change.  Looking after them through good nutritional habits can help stave off age related illnesses such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.  

For some it may seem quite a while off but practising good habits early on can stand us in good stead as we get older.  With bananas being high in vitamin B6 which is important for eye health, a banana now and then is a great way to stock up on that valuable nutrient. 

Good source of dietary fibre – 3.1mg per banana

The recommended intake of dietary fibre in the UK was raised to 30g per day per person, however the guidelines on this estimate that many people fall short of this, attaining only 18g per day on average.  One banana per day will help get you on the way towards this amount.  

A high intake of fibre in your diet will help maintain good bowel health and lower the risk of associated cancers and illnesses and will help lower your cholesterol.

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Good for heart health

Potassium is a mineral that contributes to the health of the heart and will help lower blood pressure. Eating diets that provide your body with potassium can help lower the risk of heart disease by up to 27%. 

Bananas also contain magnesium which also helps maintain a healthy heart muscle and surrounding nerves.

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Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

The combination of vitamin B6 and magnesium in bananas together with potassium make them a favourite for athletes aiming to prolong their endurance and increase their performance. 

In addition to them being easily consumed, they provide a range of benefits that make them a preferred natural option compared to sugar-laden sports drinks.

Interesting Facts

Bananas are considered a mood enhancer because they contain the amino acid, tryptophan and Vitamin B6, both of which can help the body produce serotonin.

Eating bananas can increase the  of healthy bacteria in your gut.

Bananas are low in calories and fat (105 calories and 0.4g of fat on average) making them an ideal choice for those trying to lose weight.

So why not stock up on this nutritious and easy to prepare ingredient that will give you a boost during the day and keep you full between meals?!